Our company, the E-Consult 2000, would like to provide its partners with forward-looking, innovative solutions in the field of IT healthcare services in such a way that it completes the usual work processes.

Our main profile is to develope healthcare IT software, which allows healthcare institutions to provide their services without any problems. This allows patients to leave contentedly without facing inconveniences such as long waits, replacement of missing findings, or registration for inadequate care.

With the service we provide, the operation of institutions becomes more profitable from an economic point of view, thus opening up the possibility of acquiring new, more modern supply equipment and renewing infrastructure by reallocating costs.

We are members of the E-Health Innovation Cluster, so we can provide complex solutions. Following a comprehensive survey, we compile an optimal package of services for the institution. The institution receives a proposal to increase its efficiency, which we support with our IT tools.


Organizing the processes required for health care


IT support for health services


Design and development according to the needs of our customers


Up-to-date operation, optimal response time


Call-Center support for patient path organization

Support for the operation of the institution

  • Patient path organization at a high quality
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Qualitative patient care
  • Development of the optimal reservation system
  • Reducing administrative burdens
  • Introduction of paid services

Support for primary care workers

  • The professional decision-making of the attending physician is facilitated by the health documents available at Nauticom
  • The status of the test can be monitored by the submitter

Support to reach satisfied patients

  • The patient’s appearance in the institution is necessary only when using the service
  • The appointment can be made available to the patient at the same time as the referral
  • Eliminate unnecessary waiting time
  • The patient can also access their own medical records via the Internet


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