GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-02145 project

Applicant name: E-Consult 2000 Tanácsadó Kft.
Project title: DECISIO – Alapellátási döntéstámogató szolgáltatás családorvosok és páciensek számára
Amount of financial support: 54 660 000 Huf
Quantity of support: 61 %
Planned date of finish: 31 Dec 2019
Project number: GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-02145

Project content presentation:

Modern health care is patient-centered, which means that benefits are expedient, effective and easily accessible to the patient. In contrast, the patient’s health care providers (general practitioners, specialist doctors) nowadays treat the patient “insularly”, there is no meaningful flow of information between the individual service providers, in many cases time-consuming and costly parallel examinations, possibly therapies and the peculiarities of the funding system are forced to the forced paths healthcare providers. Patients are at the center of the project - based on IT-based services - the information that is managed in connection with the care is not isolated for the patient's healing, therefore the care becomes effective and expedient.

While today information is collected and managed separately from the patient by each of its healthcare providers, the information on the patient is collected in one place and becomes available to the related service provider (subject to the patient's prior approval, subject to the applicable data management rules). In order to achieve the goals listed above, we will determine, with the help of the physicians, market research professionals and IT specialists involved, which services we can use to support both the primary care and the patient in the use of our system.



Our company wants to offer its partners progress-minded, innovative solutions in the field of health care
IT services in a way to complete habitual and well applicable work processes.

Our objective is that health care institutions should provide services without problems,
patients should utilize with satisfaction the services offered and not be compelled to face uncomfortable circumstances,
such as prolonged waiting, making up lost results, enrolling for an unsatisfactory health provision.

By the services offered by us, operation of institutions will become more profitable from the economical aspect as well,
allowing, by the restructuring of expenditures, to acquire new, more up-to-date instruments of provision, to renew the infrastructure.

We are member of the E-Health Innovational Cluster, therefore we can offer complex solutions. As a result of a comprehensive mensuration, we assemble the optimal service packages for the institute. The institute get an offer to improve the efficiency, which are supported by our devices.


Organization of processes needed for the management of patients


IT-support of the whole process in the course of patient management, front end, back end support


Developing,planning according to our customer's needs.


Design, development and operation of systems according to demands of our customers


Complex Call-Center support of health care processes


The Nauticom system marks a health care communication surface, developed by our company
with the purpose of
providing stop-gap solutions for all participants of the health care.

The basis of the Nauticom portfolio is an IT-platform based on the most up-to-date technologies. It applies a central architecture, allowing in this way for quick adaptation of new services to the existing medical system of the customer.

It is our objective that each of our partners should find, among our continuously expanding services, the solutions adjusting to his demand.

Primary aspects in developing our portfolio include support of financial stabilization of partner institutions, raising the level of health care services, taking into account individual demands of our clientele.

Our company is selling services, so our partners are buying not IT-systems or software but ready solutions.

We provide the operation of our services on a safe infrastructure of high availability, so our customers may always use the latest solutions of technology.

Our services do not require the installation of local applications as their operation is based on the principle of central architecture.


The Naucare is a web application, that’s goal is to support the private clinic workflows.

There is no need for local installation and no significant hardware requirements. It is possible to access it from anywhere, from any smart device with the help of internet and browser. It contains an integrated data management statement, so it corresponds to the requirements of the GDPR data management.

The advantages of the system include the development of patient data and a appointment booking module. Its use requires minimal IT knowledge, so it can easily contribute to the design and optimization of supply system. Use of the system is supported by Call Center customer service.

The advantages of the system include the development of patient data and a appointment booking module. Its use requires minimal IT knowledge, so it can easily contribute to the design and optimization of supply system. Use of the system is supported by Call Center customer service.

Saninet Medical System

The recommended SaniNET medical system has a client-server architecture. It has elegant graphics, it is fast and up-to-date. Servers and clients in the hospital and clinic are suitable for using SaniNET. At the server side, the operating system and the database manager are also open source (Linux and Postgree). The system can be remotely, comfortably and quickly updated and maintained.

Our system was among the first to receive from the National Healthcare Service Center, National EHR system compliance certification for NAS and Emergency Medical Service. The system supports the drafting of the statutory reports and the work of financing. Wherever possible, extensive verification is done when record data, so false data entry can be prevented. Creating mistake list can help to correct the faults quickly and efficiently.

During the provision, the control of the code connections is also realized, e.g. examining the traceability of codes that can be recorded by the profession as well as the codes that can be reported and mutually exclusive. By expanding our medical system with NautiCom, the institution can elegantly adjust its services to its agreement with National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary

The SaniNET system consists of the following modules:

  • Ambulant module
  • Department module
  • RTG module
  • Maintenance module
  • TAJ (Social Security Card) control module
  • Signature Module
  • Trio Module
  • Outpatient recorder
  • Department recorder

System operation includes:

  • Follow the legislation
  • Update version
  • Troubleshooting
  • Providing an online error reporting system
  • Provide 24/7 hours of standby for critical system failures

System integration support:

  • Laboratory
  • Imaging (PACS)
  • Patient Calling System
  • Special Integrations:
    • Catering
    • Economic system

Services for Medical Spa Treatment


Register2 is a patient care system designed for spa therapies, which allows you to easily organize and control the schedule of treatments in special booths and pools. Our goal is to use the system to avoid paper-based administration and make the management allocation dynamic. While managing master data, a number of options can be defined, ranging from the parameterization of cone types, rooms, booths, to cabling management.


With the Sentinel system, billing for all paid services can be solved during spa treatments. Sales and customer data can be maintained.
In the system, you can define sales points, rental structures, discount structures. You can make statements about revenue and services sold. Among other things, you can view the effect of price change on revenue, by type or group.

Spa reporting

Our Spa Traffic Reporting System is an online interface which spa medicine can easily fulfill the reporting obligation for medical prescriptions. Its use is extremely simple and independent of the medical system.



    Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kórház és Rendelőintézet
    Belváros-Lipótváros Egészségügyi Szolgálat
    Debreceni Egyetem Kenézy Gyula Egyetemi Kórház
    PÉTEGISZ Polgár és Térsége Egészségügyi Központ Nonprofit Zrt.


The most important hospital references:
    Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kórház és Rendelőintézet
    Debreceni Egyetem Kenézy Gyula Egyetemi Kórház
    Mátrai Gyógyintézet
Special district clinics of Budapest:
    X. Kerületi Szakrendelő Intézet
    XVII. Kerületi Szakrendelő Intézet
    Belváros-Lipótváros Egészségügyi Szolgálat
    Szent Margit Rendelőintézet Nonprofit Kft.
Subregional outpatient clinics:
    Barcs Kistérségi Járóbetegellátó Központ
    Balmazújvárosi VESZ Nonprofit Kft.
    Európa Egészségház - Baktalórántháza Nonprofit Zrt.
    PÉTEGISZ Polgár és Térsége Egészségügyi Központ Nonprofit Zrt.

Services of Medical Spa Treatment

    Eger-Park Hotel Kft.
    Miskolci Fürdők Kft.
    Nagyerdei Gyógyfürdő
    Sárkány Wellness és Gyógyfürdő – Nyírbátor
    "SZARVASI GYÓGY-TERMÁL" Gyógyfürdő és Termálvízszolgáltató Nonprofit Kft.
    Szegedi Sport és Fürdők Szolgáltató Kft.


Establishing a harmonized and effectively operating health service provision system.

For institutions

  • Organization of patient path at a high level
  • Cost-effective operation
  • State-of-the art provision of patients
  • Development of an optimum waiting list/appointment system
  • Decrease of administration burdens, central archiving of findings
  • Introduction, promotion of services for pay

For basic provision

  • Central archive of patient documentation
  • Status monitoring
  • Full online real-time appointment

For patients

  • Comfortable online appointment even from home
  • Appointment simultaneously with reference at the family physician
  • Elimination of unnecessary waiting time
  • Full archive of findings accessible via own website















Our system is supported for the operation of quite a number of telemedicine services. In every case the devices communicates with our system via a mobile internet and sends information to the medical center, it is in this way that remote taking of findings is implemented.

NST-Gravidity care
HOLTER/ABPM - Online ECG and blood pressure measurement
BLOOD SUGAR MEASUREMENT - Online blood sugar measurement
Psychiatric telemedicine



Dr. Vincze Balázs Mihály - Manager
Szabó Vivien - Operational Manager


Head office: 1119 Budapest, Andor u. 21/C. fszt.1.
Location: 4031 Debrecen, István út 6.
Phone: +36 20 666 7759
E-mail: info@econsult.hu